How Drinking Healthy Can Contribute Towards a Good Life?

In this modern age of consumerism, we see a wide range of drinks is available for purchase and consumption by the general public. You can buy anything under the sun if you have the money but the question is should you. As the old proverb goes ‘ Health is wealth’. Nothing is more important than making sure whatever you put on your body is healthy. Fizzy drinks for example are consumed almost daily; the little-known fact is that they kill 184,000 adults a year.

Soda is not among the world’s┬áhealthiest teas or drink, it has almost zero nutritional value, the large amounts of sugar are linked to causing diabetes, the carry carbolic acid which is proven to weaken teeth enamel resulting in tooth decay and cavities, it is also possible that regular use can lead to the weakening of your bones. Now compared to all that a glass of milk sounds better than a can of coke. Alot of the drinks available on the common markets often play on misconception and misinformation to attract customers.

The processed juices that we have available the juices go through a process of  de-oxygenation which basically means all oxygen is removed from them to improve their shelf life and the taste and scent of the juices is made from the same laboratories that provide scents for famous perfume companies. A list of healthier alternatives would be actual fresh fruit juices, green tea or any such tea made from fresh tea leaves and Detox drinks that can be made from adding honey, cucumbers and mints.

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