Lawnmower buying guide

There are many kinds of mower to think about:

Cylinder lawnmowers

Cylinder mowers runs on the number of knives at the front end of the mower that turn against a fixed base edge, making them ideal for level yards and truly good, shortcuts for example those present in ornamental gardens. They’re many lawn mowers available as electronic, gas-operated and hand-pressed versions, and have a number of cutting widths. However, tube-mown lawns do require more normal cutting to keep it looking good.

Rotary mowers

These would be the most flexible kind of mower as they’re ready to handle various kinds of garden, for example harder regions of grass and sloping banks. Rotary mowers use knives that turn horizontally in the selected cutting height, and therefore are available as both electrical or gas-driven models. They’re the best option for maintaining an ordinary household garden properly cut, and therefore are ready to cope with longer grass should you don’t slice the garden on the regular basis.

Hover mowers

Whilst the title indicates, this kind of mower moves just above the grass. Hover mowers are rotary mowers that drift on the support of oxygen, they may be extremely light to drive as well as their easy maneuverability makes them perfect if your garden features curved sides, boundaries or flowerbeds.

Cordless mowers

These could be gas-powered lawnmowers or battery powered mowers. Cordless battery mowers are developing in recognition because of the efficiency improvements and lower prices of lithium ion batteries. Gas mowers provide the energy and selection advantages of an engine, with the extra energy available they could even be self propelled that makes it simpler to drive them on large lawns.

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