Stages of the Rehabilitation process

Although the rehabilitation process of every individual may wary depending on different variables like choice of drug, duration of use and severity of addiction. The process of recovery of all patients share common stages, albeit their treatment plans may vary. These stages are the necessary path way to a turn your life around from a diseased addiction governed life to a healthy, sober and clean life. Once you have gone through these stages you will happy that you did.

Determine the right rehab for yourself

This is a crucial stage towards rehabilitation. In this process you must deduce whether a particular rehab is right for you or not. E.g. If you are considering heroin detox and rehab for your treatment, you must exert to find out whether it is appropriate for you or not. However, the questioning may go both ways as the rehab too may have certain questions to ask you. You may also be required to go through some tests or screenings to help the center optimally tailor a specific treatment plan for you to combat your addiction. The rehab centers are likely to want to know about your addiction, and financial arrangements to pay for your treatment.


After a detoxification process, the addicts will continue going through the rehabilitation process. This is the stage where the patients will find out why they became addicts. This is important because it is the root cause of the addiction and once addressed, patients can move on with their lives.

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